The Mackie returns … my besty's Michelle Bridges 12WBT journey

I mentioned a little while back that my besty Kate had embarked upon a weightloss journey on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation program and started a blog to chart her progress (to catch up, click here).

Well, the 12 weeks wrapped up a couple of weeks back and I was so proud to be one of Kate’s guests at the presentation party here in Brisbane, where a whole heap of 12WBT-ers from around of Australia converged to let their hair down following a massive workout led by Michelle that morning.

Kate had by the end of the program lost 22.4kg and almost 55cm from around her body. I was so proud and in awe of her achievement and on the night of the party she looked incredible and so, so happy. Continue reading


The middle

I’ve never been too good at finding my middle ground. A place safe from extremes. The middle always seemed such a boring place to be, so I would swing wildly between over indulgence and self-deprivation, reigning myself in completely when I had realised I’d swung too far. Without even realising what I was doing.

One extreme to the other.

All or nothing. Continue reading

This week I'm grateful for … smiles

Yesterday I went for my first morning walk since I was struck down by the dreaded vomiting bug. It felt good to be moving and feeling healthy again (another thing to be grateful for).

I was waiting at the lights, with J in his pram when a fellow walker went past and beamed a smile at me while saying good morning. I smiled back and responded in kind and she said ‘good on you for getting out walking  … I know that it’s hard with a young child’.

She was really genuine and lovely and it really made my day. It reminded me that a smile and a compliment really goes a long way. And it’s free. Continue reading