A band, a baby, a BBQ and a vintage store

Yay for Friday! And a Friday before a long weekend at that!

For those like me living in Queensland, we are lapping up a whole extra public holiday this year! Yeehah! Labor Day is being moved from May to October for us from next year, but this year we got both. Being on maternity leave, this wasn’t immediately apparent so it’s kind of crept up on me like a big surprise party.

In thinking about all the fun stuff we could do this weekend I remembered I hadn’t shared with you what we got up to a couple of weekends a go.

We went to see a band. With our baby. In a vintage store. And there was a Brazilian BBQ! So many of my favourite things in one sunny Sunday afternoon location. Continue reading


A weekend beside the sea

It’s been hectic here lately. Despite the fact that to the outside world, maternity leave is supposed to be one big holiday I feel like I’ve never been busier. With no working outside the home to punctuate my week like it used to and Mr P working the last few Saturdays, I feel like every week winds its way into the next with ‘to do’ items outstanding and a clothing pile that’s perpetually stacked to overflowing.

So it was with relief that we packed the two boys and the resultant accoutrements that come with travelling with kids into the Mazda 3 and took off on Friday afternoon for two nights at Kings Beach, Caloundra. Continue reading

Weekend retreating

Last Friday, two close friends and I set off on a road trip. It was just like old times, except instead of a weekend’s worth of booze we each loaded the car with modestly packed bags containing leisure wear. We were off on a two-night yoga retreat.

The weather was drizzly and the forecast was promising more of the same for the weekend, so thoughts turned to red wine but we maturely resisted the urge.

We drove ahead of the weekend rush, escaping north and then slightly west into the green of the Glasshouse Mountains. Getting out of the car in the cool afternoon air with the mountains looming large in front of us, I felt my shoulders relax. Time for me. To restore. To get a guaranteed uninterrupted sleep. Continue reading

When it rains, it pours

If you’re wondering why it’s a been a bit quiet here at Save Mum’s Sanity, it’s because any spare moment I have had in the past few weeks has been packing, thinking about packing, organising the moving of utilities and such, resting from packing while staring into space, beating myself up any spare moment I’m not packing … well, you get the drift.

It’s left me little time to think of anything else, or string together a coherent sentence for purposes of this blog.

But the end is finally in sight. This Friday brings Settlement Day and we’ll hold the keys to our new home in our hands. So, excited! But until then, it’s stepping around boxes, rummaging in the washing basket for clean clothes, discovering that thing you really, really need is something that last week you thought you never use and swiftly wacked into a box marked ‘Kitchen cupboard’. Continue reading

Point & Shoot: Party time

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos from the weekend that was. But thought this weekend was a great chance to jump back into Point & Shoot mode – Jarvis’s 1st birthday party.

I was aiming for low key, yet special. A morning tea in the park by the river with yummy slices and sandwiches and good friends and family. I decided on an owl theme, as 1. I like owls and they’re EVERYWHERE right now; 2. Jarvis seems quite enamoured by Hoot of Giggle & Hoot on ABC2 and 3. I was embarking on cake making and decorating – an uncharted territory for me – and I figured that an owl would be a simple case of cooking two circle cakes and wacking them together with some frosting. Continue reading

Point and shoot: ball pit meltdown

This weekend seemed to fly by even quicker than normal. I don’t know if its that we’re all feeling a tad low thanks to a dreaded head cold that just keeps on ‘giving’ even after you think its gone or if the count down to my return to the workforce has imparted an ‘I don’t like Mondays’ mentality a month too early. Either way there were some fun moments amongst the squirts of Fess Little Noses and piles of used tissues. Continue reading

Point and shoot: Winter Sun

This weekend was all about taking it easy. With the sniffles and unsettledness of the past two weeks behind us, J was on the move.

Wednesday’s ‘Cranky Crawler’, as I named him, had morphed into a happy little ‘Commando Crawler’ by the week’s end moving along the hallway and towards the bin, the recycling and the cat biscuits with the greatest of ease.

Sunday we took a morning drive to Shorncliffe, about half hour drive from home, a quiet seaside spot where A could fish, J could pull himself around on the grass and I could relax with a magazine while taking in the view.

No fish were caught, but we left with a resolve to visit again soon.

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