Fathers Day meets wedding anniversary

Yesterday was of course Fathers Day and it was also Mr P and my six year wedding anniversary. The morning started early with both boys in the bed and Jarvis handing over his card and ‘best dad in the world’ award he made at day care.

It also happened to be our monthly farmers market down the road. The plan was to wander down early and buy yummy stuff to feast on with my parents (Grandpa and Grandma) who were making the trip up from Northern NSW. Continue reading


Five years

Yesterday was our five year wedding anniversary.

It has disappeared in a blink, but looking at our wedding photos it seems so long ago.

Alot can change in five years, and lots of things have.

The obstacles that have been thrown our way have made us stronger and I’m grateful to say that standing here, five years along that bridge from there, that we’re still holding hands on our journey together. Still heading in the same direction.

And really, as well as an immense love, that is all you can hope for in a marriage … that your paths head toward the same horizon. Continue reading