These boys are growing up

It didn’t seem so long ago that I was blogging about my toddler boy and my newborn, but that was over a year ago. I looked at my boys playing together the other day and I realised I really can’t say I have a toddler and a baby anymore. My baby has become my toddler and my toddler boy is now a fully fledged preschooler and it reminds me how quickly life rolls on, stages upon stages until I imagine a house full of teenage boys and a gigantic grocery bill.

The toddler boy relishes getting his own back now, but is just as likely to give his big brother a sloppy kiss as a bop to the head. The big brother is prone to acts of defiance with a swinging arm, but can be heard saying ‘sorry bubba Hugo’ when the crying starts. They are loud, cheeky and some days it feels like I’m constantly breaking up fights, sharing out toys and saying ‘leave your brother alone’ while silently counting down the hours until bed time. Continue reading


Another boy … how people try and burst your bubble

Mr P and I headed in for the big 19-20 week morphology scan on Tuesday. Although the predominant emotion was excitement, there was a nagging sense of apprehension coming along for the ride. I was just hoping that everything looked okay. We had also agreed upon finding out the sex of the baby this time around, which in itself was a new experience.

First time around we went for the ‘surprise’ at birth approach and I enjoyed that experience. But this time around I wanted to feel what ‘knowing’ was like. We honestly had no gender preference either way, so it was more an interest from a practical sense and an interest in having both experiences as this will be our last child. Continue reading