Surviving cold season + Blackmores giveaway!

I was starting to feel smug that cold season was in full swing and J had not had so much as a sniffle. The minute the thought crossed my mind I knew I was in big trouble! Illness of some kind would not be far off.

The universe seems to have a tricky way to ensure I never get too smug about any aspect of parenting. And in this case, a constantly running nose and a loud barking cough was dispatched J’s way post haste. Continue reading


Mastering the art of balance

Today was the second and last day of my working week. My two-day working week seems to be the envy of my work colleagues, who like to make reference to my ‘long weekend’ or ‘holiday’ any chance they get.

But even though from the outside it may seem like I am enjoying the perfect balance of paid employment and ‘lady of leisure’ status, the reality can be quite different. As anyone juggling children and employment will tell you, some days you won’t be doing either job very well.

Take today for example: Continue reading

Farewell sickness, hello spring

Parenting while sick really bites. There, I said it. Feels better already. This winter I have had more than my fair share of energy-depleting ailments.

Nothing too serious mind, just the usual asthma and bronchial problems, a sore throat that wouldn’t quit and then when it finally did, I got hit with another head cold and a greater hit of asthma making me a 24-hour mucous manufacturing facility. Great word isn’t it? Mucous. Kind of sounds like it feels, or how it sounds coughing it up.

I was running on the old ‘it’s just a virus, my body can fight it off mentality’, and with a sick child to contend with his needs were greater than my own.

Or so I thought. Continue reading