Relieved apprehension

The MRI is done and dusted and I’m proud to report we survived. J really took it all in his stride. He was happy that morning, despite having to fast and when he discovered the toys in the day surgery waiting room he was extra-chuffed.

Here he is doing his best ‘Billy Ocean, Jump in my car’ impression, just before we got called down to imaging.

The process went really smoothly. J was scheduled to be first in, we arrived at 7am to admissions and by just after 8.10am Mr P and I were back in the lift having farewelled an unconscious J just before he was slid into the MRI chamber. My face was streaked with tears. Continue reading


Appointment Day … hooray!

Well after two fairly full on days at work, I am happy to be home today. Washing done and on the line, a walk to the supermarket to grab a few items with Jarvis falling asleep in the pram on the way home.

It had all the beginnings of a perfectly mundane day.  But I know this afternoon I will be pulled out of my domestic blissfulness and be sitting in the outpatients waiting room at the Royal Children’s Hospital – for how long, I can never be certain.

Today, it’s for Jarvis’s Opthamologist appointment. This one’s usually the longest wait, with the neurologist running a close second. Audiology is a dream in comparison. Continue reading