Return to work, a return to me?

It’s been a busy week here at Save Mum’s Sanity. I made my post-maternity leave work debut on Monday and my little ol’ blog has gotten a slight makeover. Alot of changes won’t be apparent to the naked eye just yet, but it’s been moved to self-hosted wordpress which will give my inner-nerd lots of things to do this week. Expect a few more subtle changes as I continue to tinker away with things.

Anyway, back to the return to work. Continue reading


The Final Countdown

Cue the 80s power synth – do do-do do, do do-do doo, do-do do, do do-do do – it’s the final countdown!

Whoo, feeling pumped. Just need to put on Eye of the Tiger, and I’m right there. I’m ready. One week to go until I’m back at work after 12 months maternity leave.

This time next week I’ll be prepping my outfit, getting my lunch ready, getting J’s daycare bag ready, setting the alarm and then going over the ins and outs of my ‘get to work’ schedule in my head. Hoping I’ve thought of everything. Well really I should be bed, trying not to think about if I’ve thought of everything.

I’m assuring myself this is ‘no big deal’ – it’s two days a week, Monday and Tuesday, 18.75 hours – it will be fine. I’m good at my job. Well I think I still am. There will be more money coming in. I will have non-mother problems to solve, deadlines to meet, the days will go quickly and then I’ll have all the rest of the week to spend with my boy.

But then all the great unknowns creep in, the fact I’m job sharing with someone else new to the position, the fact that J is still not fully settled into daycare after three months, the fact I have to get both of us up, dressed, out the door and on the bus by 7.05am – that’s if the bus decides to arrive on time!

Too much thinking! It will be fine. Repeat, this time with feeling. It WILL be fine. Breathe. Note to self: Enjoy this last week of freedom before the juggling act begins.