Could a Groupon save a marriage?

In the midst of all the turmoil of late last year, an email hit my inbox about Groupon. I’ve checked out various coupon sites over the past couple of years but have often baulked at buying them. Are they a case of too good to be true? Will I get a booking when I want? Should I just stick with going somewhere I know?

But at that moment I knew we needed a night out, we needed a new experience to try together and get us talking, so I said I’d love to try it out. I was given a $49 credit and although there was a massage deal that looked very tempting, as I flicked through Brisbane restaurant deals there was an offer for a Japanese Degustation for two at Zuri, including wine, for (you guessed it!) $49. It sounded exactly like what we needed. It was an easy process to purchase the offer and a coupon was rapidly sent to my inbox. I booked the next day and had no trouble booking for our desired date and time. Continue reading


Dinner for two

Last Saturday Mr P and I headed out for a fancy dinner – just the two of us. It was a combined my birthday/valentines day/last chance before baby arrives type affair so we splurged on a six-course tasting menu at the gorgeous Figtree Restaurant at Ewingsdale, just outside of Byron Bay.

We were here in November for our lovely friends’ Kate and Larry’s nuptials and the scenery and food was divine so we thought it would be the perfect spot for a relaxed dinner for two. It also helps that Grandma and Grandpa only live a 15 minute drive away, so J was happy and spoilt back at their place. Continue reading

Reconnecting with B

I am starting to see how motherhood can be a series of small goodbyes. Saying farewell to different stages, only to welcome new ones as our babies gradually move towards independence.Question mark girl

A few weeks ago J started daycare two days a week. I am not due back at work for another two months so the plan has been to gradually ease him into a full day over the next few weeks.

The first day felt like a leap into the great unknown. Even though I’d visited the centre a few times and had met his caregivers, I was still nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Would he sleep there? Would he take his bottle? Would he be happy to interact with his caregivers? but with all the questions in my mind focused on ‘will he be okay’, I really didn’t stop to ask myself if I’d be okay.

Continue reading