Week in review – the things I never got time to blog about edition

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting on my couch, iPad with keyboard attached on lap with thoughts of a second cup of coffee in my head. The Mr and J are at swimming and my baby boy is on the play mat next to the couch tinkering with toys and practicing his moving skills. I breathe and soak up the sun thats streaming in the french doors.

I haven’t felt this sense of relaxation much in the past two weeks. It’s been go, go and more go and then sleep, then wake up to feed H and wake up in varying states of tiredness and do it all again.

But despite this, there has been a lot of great stuff happening and this week though challenging on a few levels was a pretty awesome kind of week. So, I bring you (drumroll please!!) Belinda’s Sanity Seeking Week in Review! Continue reading