A week for doing

I am writing this from the promise of the weekend. Where plans can be made without weekday pressures, where oaths can be made to oneself that the next week will be the beginning of something new.

But today is Monday, a day where the promises we made to ourselves can so easily be thrown aside for a sneaky Kit Kat from the vending machine, when tiredness gives way to popping on the slippers instead of lacing up the runners.

Today, I go on the record to say ‘this week will be different’. It’s a phrase that has echoed in my mind for months, but resolve weakens as soon as I have to actually DO something about it. Continue reading


My 'to don't' list

It’s official. I am laziness personified. I start out my first day of the non-working week with all the best of intentions, but inevitably Wednesday has become my ‘lazy day’. The more I procrastinate, the worse it gets. The ‘to do’ list lies abandoned and I start feeling guilty for not achieving the things that I set out to do. It’s a vicious circle!

So, in order to motivate myself and as a reminder that the day is not over yet, here is a list of things that I achieved today. Continue reading

On procrastination and parenting

Photo by get directly down at flickr.com

Today I went to the dentist. It has been a long time between visits. So long in fact that I couldn’t even admit to myself how long it had been for fear of unleashing an unhealthy amount of self-recrimination that would only add to the procrastination and fear that’s prevented me from going all these years.

So bullet bitten here I am, teeth shiny and clean and save for a light lecture on the importance of dental hygiene, there was nothing to fear afterall. No fillings. No wisdom teeth needing immediate removal. No extra large bill. Just a ‘look after your teeth and come back in six months’. They even gave me a goody bag.

It has me thinking about how procrastination only makes things alot harder. Things that are routine and necessary become scary monsters that wake you in the middle of the night. One big ‘to do list’ that just keeps on growing. Continue reading