A week of firsts

Sometimes I wish writing was as easy as transferring your thoughts straight from your brain onto a computer via some sort of bluetooth device.

What I want to say sounds so good when I rehearse it in my mind, and then when I sit in front of the computer some days it’s hard to get anything resembling those thoughts out and onto the screen. And I do this for a living. Go figure. You’d think it gets easier with time, but sometimes it really doesn’t.

Hence, the more than a week between posts.

It’s been a big week, a great week – a real week of firsts … so forgive me as I attempt to summarise! Continue reading


A flash and a wink

Like all snap-happy mothers, the digital camera is never far from grasp ‘just in case’ J does something cute.

Take lunch time. He was chewing on his food and he was all giggly and smiley, I had to grab the camera.

He only needs to see the camera now and he’ll start posing. The problem is when he looks down the barrel, the flash sends his ‘blinking eye’ into overdrive. And every time I think I’ve got the perfect shot, there it is the cheeky grin and wink combo. So we try again.

And again. And again. Until I get at least one, non-winking one… Continue reading