Hey, what's SUP?! A healthy day on the Gold Coast

SUP on the Gold Coast

Well, it’s now been more than two weeks since the whirlwind of the Problogger Training Event passed me by and since then I have been fervently trying not to fall into the ‘life is getting in the way’ excuse for not blogging. But in saying that, it really has. Work and home life has been charging on at an unrelenting pace and there was the case of conjunctivitis that had both me and Jarvis a bit sore and sorry for ourselves last week. But this week will be different, hey?

While I’ve managed to reflect on the conference itself here, on the Sunday after the official proceedings I joined a Health and Lifestyle experience with four fellow bloggers Nicole from Planning with Kids, Deborah from Diet Scmiet and Eleise from A Very Blended Family¬†with the ever-delightful Shelley from Tourism & Events Queensland behind the wheel of the mini-bus. Continue reading


Learning how to farewell fear at #pbevent

Last weekend I, along with more than 450 other bloggers and online business owners, attended the Problogger Training Event at QT Hotel, Gold Coast. 

Before the event, I’d written about how I was trying not to succumb to the usual fear I feel about things like this and then in Problogger Darren Rowse’s opening keynote he talked about the main things that could hold us back as bloggers and there it was up on the big screen behind him … fear! His main point about fear was that it is a signal that something important is about to happen and by stepping through the fear, past your comfort zone and into the relative unknown is where the sparks fly.

And that’s just what I did and I felt those sparks fly as ideas buzzed in my head, as I made connections with a bunch of interesting people from all around the country and as I started to believe that my dreams about making a positive mark on the world could actually be realised. Continue reading

Shoulder standing my way to #pbevent

I was in yoga class a couple of weeks ago and near the end of the class, our teacher tells us we’re going to do shoulder stand. “Oh no!” my inner voice yells … “you’re going to look so stupid!”. Ignoring the voice I push on, I awkwardly roll my heels headward and use the momentum of the movement and my arms towards my lower back to start bringing my legs up towards the sky. I have no idea what I look like, or how close to vertical my legs are but I’m starting to feel like I’m getting there. A wobbly, slow moving and definately not very graceful movement but my legs are almost pointing towards the sky, my chin is locked into my chest and then the voice kicks in “Oh my god, my legs are in the air, I don’t know if I’m doing this right, I don’t want to fall over” and then slight panic kicks in, sending me toppling out of the pose. That over thinking mind of mine just caught me out again! But rather than dwell on the fact that I fell out, I chose instead to dwell on the progress that saw me anywhere near close to that pose. And taking that positive thought into another week on the mat, last Sunday I may have almost nailed it (don’t expect a photo anytime soon, though!). Continue reading