The 'Swizzle'

Despite my pinings to the universe (via this blog and twitter, predominantly!), I’ve been sitting around here in post-date pregnancy land for the past eight days.

There was some action this time last week and I thought that I’d be spared the lengthy ‘lady in waiting’ stint I endured last pregnancy, but I just ended up vomitting with a few sporadic contractions and ended up pretty badly dehydrated, unable to keep food or liquid down.

At my midwife appointment last Friday, this baby of mine had an elevated heart beat and so did I due to the dehydration. I felt if I went into labour that I wouldn’t be in any state to get through it. I was strapped to the heart rate monitor for over an hour, but as I managed to keep down more water his heart rate improved and the machine registered a few low grade contractions as well, so I felt I could go ‘any time’. Continue reading