My Family Stickers … please explain?

Okay, this has been rattling around in my head for quite sometime but it’s come to a point where I just have to get it out there – part vent, part genuine enquiry … what is the go with those My Family Stickers that appear to be breeding upon urban 4WDs in my general vicinity?

It started innocently enough. I was at a barbecue getting on my soapbox about frangipani flower stickers on cars, when a friend piped up with ‘what about those My Family stickers?’. ‘What my family stickers?’ I responded. He proceeded to tell me about white stick people that were appearing on cars denoting each member of the family that rides in that car. When I looked baffled, he prophetically warned “Now I’ve told you about them, you’ll see them everywhere.”

That was some time ago, and I now smile ruefully at my innocence back then, my PMFO days (Pre My Family Onslaught). I have, I must admit, become peversely fascinated with them, checking out the car in front’s stick figures when I’m stopped at the lights. Continue reading