Love is love: why I support marriage equality

I was bridesmaid at my best friend Kate’s wedding on Saturday (that’s me and my little man walking down the aisle). It was a highly anticipated event, like any wedding, with details fussed over and agonised about for months.

I counted myself blessed and priviliged to have watched her fall in love and settle into a happy life with her partner and to be beside her on her big day.

The fact that there were two brides paled in insignificance to all who witnessed their beautiful ceremony and celebrated with them afterwards.

Love is love, afterall. And these two were radiantly and beautifully in love, sharing their pledges of commitment in front of family and friends.

Unfortunately, the Australian government currently doesn’t see it that way. The ‘little piece of paper’ that us heteros take for granted and can choose to take or leave, represents a whole lot more for those in same sex relationships. Shouldn’t they have the same choice as us?

I was planning a big post on this, but last night Kate uploaded this poster she had made on Facebook and really I couldn’t say it any better than this:

K&L marriage equality poster