How yoga is changing my life

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Save Mum’s Sanity Yoga a day challenge here on the blog. I’ve found the quick Facebook update as something pops into my head has been the best way to share what’s been happening, but even that’s been sporadic. But the main thing is that the challenge is still on! As those who have been reading here for awhile know, I tend to start things with the best of blogging intentions but they don’t always continue. So even though alot of my yoga a day has been happening ‘off blog’ rest assured it is happening and in a bold statement, which also sounds incredibly cliched, it may just be changing my life. Continue reading


Happy new year and introducing my Yoga a Day challenge

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that! Well here we are in 2013, feeling all shiny and new. Or perhaps not?! I always love the promise of a new year and use this time to take stock of events and dynamics in the past year and look at ways I can change the bad, embrace the good and become closer to the person I want to be.

For me, 2012 was a year of immense ups and downs. The massive ‘up’ was the arrival of Hugo in April, but as the saying goes ‘What comes up, must come down’ and the come down was the adjustment that came with managing a house with a baby and a toddler. And if that wasn’t enough, I took on working from home when Hugo turned 6 months old. Cue the guilt, anxiety and overwhelm! Continue reading

Top tips for keeping friendships alive over at A Little Bird

Well if you’ve thought I’ve gone all AWOL on you all, well I kind of have. This self-nurturing business has seen me put the brakes on a bit to try and stop myself from feeling so overwhelmed. And it’s working, kind of. I have still been blogging though, I just haven’t been letting you all know about it!!

So, head over to A Little Bird Blogs to read my latest post on Top tips for keeping friendships alive. I feel blessed to have a small group of really special friends, but keeping them in my life has required alot more effort post-children. It’s been a bit of a work in progress really, so I’m attempting to share what’s worked for me. Go over and see how I’m keeping my friendships alive and let me know how you do to!

And while your there, you can read all my other recent posts I haven’t told you about as well as some other entertaining and thought provoking posts, like this post on switching off Facebook by my blogging nest buddy Ms CupoTea!

Looking forward to sharing some more exciting posts with you this week!


How I survived three days as a toilet training recluse


This week I’ve been living the life of a toilet training recluse. And it almost broke me, it really did.

This is the second time we’ve attempted toilet training with Master J and at first things were much the same: hiding to do number 2s and weeing anywhere but the toilet or potty. When questioned about a need to wee the answer was a definite and terse NO!! The attitude had ramped up in the last 6 months that’s for sure, and I really had to channel a lot of ‘serenity now’ to keep a sunny ‘it’s okay’ demeanor in the face of umpteen accidents on day one and two.

Day three (yesterday) was probably the worst of all, despite the first ever wee on the toilet the night before J seemed determined not to have any of this using the toilet caper. I had a reward chart, stickers, promises of toys and cool superhero undies and he had a toddler load of stubbornness. My gadgets were no match for an unreasonable toddler on a mission. Serenity now was out the window. My grip on both sanity and reality was slipping away. Continue reading

Resolution 2012 #1: Sunday night facials


Happy new year! Well it’s almost two weeks in already, but better late than never hey? Tardiness has become somewhat of a lifestyle here at Save Mum’s Sanity lately.

I’m blaming pregnancy and holiday mode mentality primarily, but with the onset of a new year comes a new resolve. Yes, you guessed it – resolution time.

In recent years I haven’t really done the resolution thing, preferring a casual review and reflect type thing: a few mental notes here, a scrawling in a notebook there.

But last year particularly I felt I’d lost my way somehow and this year I’ve decided to be more proactive in steering my life’s ship in the right direction.

So this will be my first in a series of new year resolution posts this month. Outlining a few of my big and small resolutions that all aim to get me back on track.

Resolution #1 is partaking in a new ritual of the Sunday night facial. This is a chance to take time out, relax and pamper myself in preparation for the week ahead.

Last night was my first facial of the year. I cleansed, I exfoliated and then retreated to my bedroom with a face masque applied and book in hand and I did what every nutty blogger would do and captured my attractive look with an Instagram pic.

It was blissful! This simple act helped me prepare for my return to work today and my skin feels so soft and smooth. This is just one of the small ways I intend on nurturing myself this year and I’m excited to share a few more in the next couple of weeks.

How do you aim to take care of yourself in 2012?