Lazy parenting part two – the physio breakup

It’s been almost a month now. Almost a month since I broke up with Jarvis’s physiotherapist.

I rang a few days before our scheduled appointment and said we had been sick and wouldn’t be able to make it. That I’d ring later in the week to make a new appointment. I gave all this information to the answering machine. The answering machine I knew would be manning the phones before they opened at 8.30am. Yes, as far as breakups go, it was right up there with the most cowardly.

I hung up on the machine and I felt my shoulders relax. I wasn’t going to be making that next appointment. Continue reading


Giant leaps into the unknown

He really did have crawling down pat, my boy. He started with a commando crawl at 10 1/2 months and just after 12 months he started getting his bottom up with his weight on his knees and was cruising around furniture and the like. But he’d still drop down to his commando default setting regularly, swishing across the floor when the task called for him to pick up the pace.

He won’t be far away from walking, bystanders said. I was confident they were right. But as the months wore on, there were no steps in sight. Continue reading