These boys are growing up

It didn’t seem so long ago that I was blogging about my toddler boy and my newborn, but that was over a year ago. I looked at my boys playing together the other day and I realised I really can’t say I have a toddler and a baby anymore. My baby has become my toddler and my toddler boy is now a fully fledged preschooler and it reminds me how quickly life rolls on, stages upon stages until I imagine a house full of teenage boys and a gigantic grocery bill.

The toddler boy relishes getting his own back now, but is just as likely to give his big brother a sloppy kiss as a bop to the head. The big brother is prone to acts of defiance with a swinging arm, but can be heard saying ‘sorry bubba Hugo’ when the crying starts. They are loud, cheeky and some days it feels like I’m constantly breaking up fights, sharing out toys and saying ‘leave your brother alone’ while silently counting down the hours until bed time. Continue reading

Farewell to breastfeeding

It’s official … J an I have put our breastfeeding days behind us. It’s been a week now since our last breastfeed, at least I think so … I can’t actually remember the last time.

We had already made moves to finish the week previous, but then J came down with Bronchiolitis and I gave him a couple of feeds here and there just to make sure he was getting enough fluids.

But as he started to feel better, he didn’t seem to be that interested and with him now sleeping through the night and not needing any breastfeeding for comfort it seemed that we were nearing the end.

I never thought I would be breastfeeding for 16 months … see my earlier post as we hit the 11 month mark. My intent was 12 months, but 12 months came and went and we both didn’t seem ready so then it became a month by month proposition. I set myself a goal of Christmas. But with moving house and rushing around, Christmas too came and went and we were still feeding. Continue reading