{Grateful post} My Hugo baby at almost 5 months

As I ease myself back into blogging more regularly, it occurs to me I haven’t yet shared much about my littlest person. My Hugo baby.

He’s out of that newborn snuggliness now, a phase that passed by like a blink of the eye. He turns five months next week and already he seems in a rush to get out into the world and try everything. This evening when I went to prop him up against the cushion on the couch, he leaned himself forward and stayed there sitting up strong and tall. He’s been rolling both directions for the last month and is showing alot of interest in eating, grabbing a stray crust off his brother yesterday morning.

While being so grateful for the easy ride we’ve had with this second child of ours, it occurs to me how quickly he is growing up and how soon I’ll have two boisterous boys running through this house. So I stop and reflect on this second and last baby of mine, and what makes him so special. Continue reading


This week I'm grateful for … smiles

Yesterday I went for my first morning walk since I was struck down by the dreaded vomiting bug. It felt good to be moving and feeling healthy again (another thing to be grateful for).

I was waiting at the lights, with J in his pram when a fellow walker went past and beamed a smile at me while saying good morning. I smiled back and responded in kind and she said ‘good on you for getting out walking  … I know that it’s hard with a young child’.

She was really genuine and lovely and it really made my day. It reminded me that a smile and a compliment really goes a long way. And it’s free. Continue reading

This week I'm grateful for … Autumn

My favourite season is just kicking in. Although the days are still hot and humid in the traditional Brisbane kind of way, there is a crispness around the edges blowing in on a soft breeze … Autumn is coming.

Spring used to be my favourite season, but now Autumn with its promise of cool nights spent cosy with a hot beverage, days of jeans, cardi and a light scarf bring me the most joy.

This summer has been bizarre weather-wise, with so much rain and temperatures lower on average than we’re used to here. But still the humidity has been unrelenting and there has been quite a few days when I’ve felt sweaty and grumpy and ready for a cooler change to come.

And here it is. Slowly heralding its arrival in a cooler morning and afternoon that will soon creep its way into the days. Changes on the wind.

Ah, the promise of a new season.

How about you? What season brings you the most joy?

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Photo by Dicktay2000 @ Flickr.com

This week I'm grateful for … sleep

Sleep has always been my friend. Give me somewhere to lie my head and I’ve always been able to snooze off with no problems, straight after a coffee, on a train, on a couch with a party in full swing. It’s one of my favourite things.

In fact, it was one of the things I was pretty scared of post-child – how would I cope with less sleep? I was a full 10 hour a night kind of girl.

The answer I soon found was that I coped better than I expected. I would nap in the afternoon with J beside me, I’d bring him into bed to maximise night time sleep. I coped, in that kind of frayed round the edges way that most mothers cope with sleep deprivation. I got used to it. Continue reading