Relieved apprehension

The MRI is done and dusted and I’m proud to report we survived. J really took it all in his stride. He was happy that morning, despite having to fast and when he discovered the toys in the day surgery waiting room he was extra-chuffed.

Here he is doing his best ‘Billy Ocean, Jump in my car’ impression, just before we got called down to imaging.

The process went really smoothly. J was scheduled to be first in, we arrived at 7am to admissions and by just after 8.10am Mr P and I were back in the lift having farewelled an unconscious J just before he was slid into the MRI chamber. My face was streaked with tears. Continue reading


MRI – three little letters, one big deal

Tomorrow my little man will be getting a MRI test under general anaesthetic. It was supposed to be done by now. A month ago. But the day before his appointment he came down with a nasty cough. Bronchiolitis.

The appointment was cancelled and rescheduled. Left to prep myself once again. And wait, all the while feigning a casual acceptance … but the closer it gets, the more I worry.

I search myself for the source of the worry. I think it comes down to just being plain ol’ scared. Scared of watching him get put to sleep, scared of what the test might say but most of all I’m scared of what it may not say. Because the reality is, the test may not shed any light on why Jarvis has facial palsy at all.

So why do it? Why submit J to a test that, in the words of his Neuro, would be purely academic? Continue reading