Learning to blog in tune

Blog posts are alot like songs, some are instant hits – catchy, with a hook that has you nodding your head in agreement and even murmuring along as you read – and some are slow burners, infiltrating your mind long after you’ve clicked the off button on your computer.

And sometimes a good one does both of these at once, allowing you an emotional release – to laugh, cry, question, get angry, forgive and hope – that stays with you for days. And that’s just the blogger.

What happens when you hit the publish button is anyone’s guess, you may inspire a similar release in others or you may just be hosting a pity party that has readers racing for the back button, leaving you with a sagging party hat and a party whistle lying limply at your lips.

It’s with these thoughts in mind that I think back to the blogging year that was and choose my favourite blog post I wrote in 2010, as part of the Nuffnang Christmas Blogger Challenge. Continue reading