September is Craniofacial Acceptance Month

There hasn’t been many moments in my life where I’ve felt like turning around and giving a complete stranger a piece of my mind. But it happened once. In a checkout line of all places.

It was a while ago, Jarvis was sitting up in the seat of the trolley and I was facing him. He was smiling up at me and then began smiling at the people behind me, who when I glanced back were a mother and a pre-teen aged girl. Jarvis kept smiling at them and then I heard it. Muffled and whispered but it hit me like a a tonne of bricks. The mother says to her daughter “there is something wrong with that little boys face. Have a look.” Continue reading


Wordless Wednesday: That smile

My boy, your smile has such power and such joy. May you always believe in it and never be ashamed to let it light up someone’s life. As it does mine.

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Dear Internet: A note of love and gratitude

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Dear Internet/Cyberspace

I want to send you a short note of thanks and gratitude for helping me in times of need. I pondered whether I should send this message to Google, but seeing you are the great overseer of all things, the ‘CEO’, I thought you’d be the best bet, please feel free to copy this message to the relevant department.

I have long been a fan of your work, but never more so than in the last nine months or so. My husband feels that my fan status has gone past a level deemed healthy and that I’ve now slipped into the realms of obsession. But how can something so wrong bring me so much? I just can’t quit you.

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