Releasing my inner hippy

Since the beginning of the year I’ve embarked on a journey of self discovery. It’s not a journey that’s new to me, I was the dorky teenage girl buying ‘self help’ books in the late 90s looking for answers, I had CDs of whale music and I bought herbal tea to relaaaaaaaax.

I never thought of myself as a ‘hippy’, as compared to the look that was popular around my northern NSW home growing up I was practically a straighty-180. It was only when I moved to the city that I realised that my views, style and interests were probably considered fairly alternative with a side-serving of hippy. Continue reading


Thirteen days of yoga

Well it’s probably time to give a bit of an update on how my Yoga a Day challenge is going. Well, firstly I’m proud to announce that I have indeed been successful in doing Yoga in some form every day, despite visitors and toy related clutter (see above!) and secondly I am really, really loving it!

I should point out for those following at home that I’m definitely no Yoga guru and I’m starting from a fairly beginners level. I’m not that flexible and I struggle with keeping my thinking from straying onto various topics, but that’s the very reason why I’m taking on this challenge. Yoga can be seen as a formidable pursuit – all headstands and twisting yourself into knots. But its all a process. Of letting your body settle into the space where it feels comfortable and gently pushing that little bit further as you go along. I like the idea of quietly challenging myself and this body of mine and I’m open to where this year will take me. Continue reading