Whirlwind weeks

The weeks just keep passing me by. Is it just me or does the second half of the year seem to enter super speed mode, spiraling out of control into Christmas and beyond?

We’re down at my parents at the moment about to fly to Sydney for a 30th birthday party, just the two of us for 24 hours only, while J stays here with his grandparents. A super speed visit but it should be fun. A dinner cruise on the harbour tonight – ooh la la!

And then we return to Bris for the working week and preparations for the boy’s 2nd birthday on Friday.

No big party this year, but I will make some form of cake and perhaps cupcakes for daycare the next Monday.

I wrote a post over at Life & Other Plans about the wild and wonderful world of children’s cake decorating. So in lieu of a real post here, head over and let me know about your cake triumphs and disasters. Check it out here.

Hoping for sanity amongst a speedy week – and wishing you the same!


Point & Shoot: Party time

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos from the weekend that was. But thought this weekend was a great chance to jump back into Point & Shoot mode – Jarvis’s 1st birthday party.

I was aiming for low key, yet special. A morning tea in the park by the river with yummy slices and sandwiches and good friends and family. I decided on an owl theme, as 1. I like owls and they’re EVERYWHERE right now; 2. Jarvis seems quite enamoured by Hoot of Giggle & Hoot on ABC2 and 3. I was embarking on cake making and decorating – an uncharted territory for me – and I figured that an owl would be a simple case of cooking two circle cakes and wacking them together with some frosting. Continue reading