Wine times: a brief history and a reunion

Wine and I, we’ve been what I would call close friends for around 15 years.

It started with a bottle of Queen Adelaide dry red for a cheap buzz, meandering through the bottle of chardy shared with girlfriends stage up to the couple-y connoisseur stage, visiting wineries and name-dropping more unusual varietals such as Sangoviese and Pinot Grigio. Continue reading

Farewell to breastfeeding

It’s official … J an I have put our breastfeeding days behind us. It’s been a week now since our last breastfeed, at least I think so … I can’t actually remember the last time.

We had already made moves to finish the week previous, but then J came down with Bronchiolitis and I gave him a couple of feeds here and there just to make sure he was getting enough fluids.

But as he started to feel better, he didn’t seem to be that interested and with him now sleeping through the night and not needing any breastfeeding for comfort it seemed that we were nearing the end.

I never thought I would be breastfeeding for 16 months … see my earlier post as we hit the 11 month mark. My intent was 12 months, but 12 months came and went and we both didn’t seem ready so then it became a month by month proposition. I set myself a goal of Christmas. But with moving house and rushing around, Christmas too came and went and we were still feeding. Continue reading

Wean on me

My baby boy turned 11 months this week. Which means we’ve hit another milestone together – 11 months of breastfeeding.

It takes me by surprise some times, how he’s not my little baby anymore. I will look over at him sitting in his highchair chewing on a sandwich or playing with his toys and sometimes he looks up at me and smiles and waves. A real little boy.

But our feeding times together have been a constant. It wasn’t always joy and rainbows though. In hospital, for the first day or so he couldn’t latch on, so I’d express colostrum and feed it to him in a syringe. His facial palsy meant he couldn’t open his mouth wide enough on the right side. It crossed my mind that breastfeeding may not work at all. Continue reading