And you call yourself a blogger? Sucking at selfies

This is the first of a series I am calling ‘And you call yourself a blogger?’ where I explore the possible reasons for my disappointing foray into the world of blogging.

In a time when stats are king, shaking your money maker for brands is de jour and finding a large community of mutual back-scratching fans is mandatory, I officially suck on all counts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing the ‘blogging high brow’ card here, all of these are admirable goals. I’d wack on ‘Baby got Back’ and booty shake down my street if I could improve any one of these things.

I’ve read all the ‘blogging how tos’ (and aren’t there alot of those!) and I know I can write, so why am I such a lack-lustre blogger? The answer lies in a number of key areas which I’ll explore in the coming weeks with most belonging in the category entitled ‘half-arsed’.

But this one is a bit different. I’ve been trying really hard at this one, but with practice comes more disappointment. I officially suck at selfies. Continue reading