The day my big boy turned 3

My first born baby turned three today. I’m sitting here feeling so full … full of cake most certainly, but my heart feels even fuller than that.

All week I’d been stressing. About work, about the fact I hadn’t bought all his present yet, attempting to make cupcakes to take to kindy before realising I had no eggs, that I never seem to have enough time. The critical voice was kicking into over drive. Bad mum, bad friend, bad worker. Tsk, Tsk!

But as I sit here, all that seems so meaningless. My boy got his presents, the cupcakes got made, my work got done, we spent Saturday night making him a rocket cake. The lead up wasn’t perfect, things had to be cast aside, stripped back until only the important parts remained. Continue reading



On Thursday I turned 33. The day before heralded a new week of pregnancy – week 33.

Never one to be too excited by birthdays, I was surprised that I felt light and free – not 33 in either sense.

An old friend was staying with us all the way from Dublin. We worked together for a short time in Sydney and caught up briefly a year later in Dublin and London and kept in touch somewhat sporadically in the intervening years. The last time we saw each other I was just 23.

When I heard he was coming to Australia, I admit I had a few fretful moments – so much time had passed and my life now bore no resemblence to my life then. Our whole friendship had been a blur of happy hours and hungover workplace camaraderie, I wondered if we’d still share the same bond we did then. I worried he would find me boring and a pregnant party pooper. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Week

I am currently down at my parents place along with my little sister to celebrate our respective birthdays. Mine was Wednesday, and my sister’s is today. She is the big 3-0. And I have just turned a slightly larger number. I think I’m officially getting to the age that dare not speak its name. Who knows, I might stay this age for a few more years yet.

Growing up with a sister two years (oops, I’ve given it away now haven’t I?) and two days younger had its ups and downs. Communal parties were a bit of a bummer but we both got a present on each other’s birthday so it felt like we got extra presents. As my birthday was first up, I had the advantage of getting most of my presents first up, knowing that when the day was over I still had a present to look forward to on the 11th. Continue reading