Birth choices: why I chose birth centre care

The way a woman chooses to give birth is in today’s society a hotly discussed topic. It seems it’s now a no holds barred conversation piece, with even strangers unafraid to ask ‘natural or caesar?’ ‘drugs or no drugs?’ ‘public or private?’ in the name of small talk.

It’s a good thing that birthing has been brought out of the closest, so to speak, but these discussions have now lead to simplistic conclusions related to the mother’s choice or circumstance of the birth and with them latent judgements.

You’ve had an elective caesarean? You must be ‘too posh to push’. Vaginal birth, but with an epidural? Well, that’s cheating. Emergency caesarean? Must have been caused by the ‘cascade of intervention’ in a hospital environment. Vaginal birth, no drugs? Well, you must just be plain crazy. Continue reading