Today we made a house

In the last month since starting working again I’ve felt under pressure – all of it self-inflicted. I was feeling the neck strain of looking up to the sky as I desperately fumbled to keep all my juggling balls in the air. The predictable ones fell first – self-nurture, time out and clean floors. I was still keeping the partner ball up there, but only just … it wobbled and threatened to drop as I fumbled and kept juggling. Continue reading


Farewell sickness, hello spring

Parenting while sick really bites. There, I said it. Feels better already. This winter I have had more than my fair share of energy-depleting ailments.

Nothing too serious mind, just the usual asthma and bronchial problems, a sore throat that wouldn’t quit and then when it finally did, I got hit with another head cold and a greater hit of asthma making me a 24-hour mucous manufacturing facility. Great word isn’t it? Mucous. Kind of sounds like it feels, or how it sounds coughing it up.

I was running on the old ‘it’s just a virus, my body can fight it off mentality’, and with a sick child to contend with his needs were greater than my own.

Or so I thought. Continue reading