AusBlogCon 2011 wrap up

You know that funny, tickling feeling that runs up your spine when you’re close to something big, something potentially life changing? I had that more than once on the weekend, where I was one of more than 150 bloggers taking part in the inaugural Aussie Bloggers Conference in Sydney.

I set off on Friday morning, still feeling haggard and spent from a week spent riding the porcelain bus, but with a spring in my step. I was not only going to spend a whole weekend talking and thinking about blogging, but I’d be spending the whole weekend alone. The second time in almost 17 months. I was looking forward to revelling in the quiet contemplation that being alone brings, just as much as meeting and chatting to some fabulous bloggers. Continue reading


When sharing is not caring

Well it’s been the week from hell … and I’m finally emerging out of the heat just in time to pack and get myself on a plane to Sydney tomorrow for the Aus Blog Conference.

It all started innocently enough, last Wednesday the boy was eating dinner and finalised proceedings with a monster chuck. The kind of vomiting effort that would not be out of place on Little Britain.

It was disgusting, but not entirely a rare occurance for a child. He was otherwise fine. He vomited a bit more, but we kept a close eye on him and even though he vomited again the next day he didn’t have a temperature and was eating fairly normally. We soldiered on.

By Friday, Mr P came home from work not feeling so good. He got straight into bed with the airconditioning on. It wasn’t long until I heard that familiar sound of vomit against plastic bucket. Two down. Just me and the cat standing. Continue reading

My best buys online

Oh, online shopping how I love thee!

Got home from work this eve and was greeted by a lovely little express post bag on the dining table. A quick squeeze revealed that it was my black, cocktail style maxi dress for the Australian Bloggers Conference that I ordered from Birdsnest on Thursday. But it could just have easily been my business cards for said conference I ordered from Zazzle, or my hair products that I ordered from StrawberryNet.

Yep, I’m pretty much an online shopping addict!

Continue reading