The Mackie returns … my besty's Michelle Bridges 12WBT journey

I mentioned a little while back that my besty Kate had embarked upon a weightloss journey on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation program and started a blog to chart her progress (to catch up, click here).

Well, the 12 weeks wrapped up a couple of weeks back and I was so proud to be one of Kate’s guests at the presentation party here in Brisbane, where a whole heap of 12WBT-ers from around of Australia converged to let their hair down following a massive workout led by Michelle that morning.

Kate had by the end of the program lost 22.4kg and almost 55cm from around her body. I was so proud and in awe of her achievement and on the night of the party she looked incredible and so, so happy. Continue reading


My new favourite blog

Just as I am pulling myself out my own blogging doldrums (with the help of all of you fabulous people!), I am very excited to welcome the arrival of my best friend Kate to the blogging world at Return of the Mackie.

I’ve blogged about the lovely Kate before here – she really is a top chick and she is currently going through a big life change as she takes on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation challenge and prepares for her wedding in November.

This photo is a favourite of mine of the two of us, taken by Kate’s fiance Leonie, when I was around 35 weeks pregnant with Jarvis. Continue reading