Outsourcing wish list


As I keep trying to fix up the design of my blog, which I’ve seemed to have stuffed up somehow as things seem to be moving V E R Y S L O W L Y around here, I’ve been thinking it’s time I outsourced these changes to someone who knows what they are doing. The time savings would be huge, freeing me up to actually write blog posts rather than tinkering around in my back end (not as suss as it sounds!). So the next item on my To Do list is to get some quotes and see if the cost is worth the benefit for me.

I love the idea of outsourcing those bits of your life that you don’t enjoy, that you are generally crap at or just don’t have time for. If money was no issue, I wouldn’t hesitate in outsourcing (in no particular order):

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Our backyard: small yet perfectly formed

Our backyard is small but perfectly formed.

Although we live in a house, our backyard is more a paved courtyard with all our grassiness at the front.

A legacy of sub-dividing our city’s middle suburbs, our block was cut in two before us and now a house occupies the space where the sprawling block used to be. But moving from the inner suburbs to be here, it still feels so roomy – like all the possible space we have, works harder somehow. Continue reading

Fave pizza toppings … share & win!

Homemade pizzas have been a ‘go to’ meal in our household for many years. Perfect for easy Friday nights at home and sharing with friends, there’s usually enough to take to work the next day to enjoy cold (surely there’s some more cold pizza lovers out there?)

So when I was approached to try out Bakers Delight‘s new pizza bases, I jumped at the chance.

What I love about making pizzas at home is that anything goes. You’re not locked into the conventions of traditional pizza toppings, you can try new combos that your local pizza joint would probably laugh at and, which is often the case in our home, you can experiment with the existing contents of your pantry/fridge. Continue reading

A place for inspiration

I have been meaning to attempt this project for many months: turn plain canvas into attractive fabric covered memo board.

But I kept putting it off and putting it off. First, I couldn’t decide on a fabric. Then once I finally decided on the fabric and bought my other materials – a scary looking staple gun and contrasting ribbon – I had convinced myself that I was too craftily inept to complete said project.

Then I went and wrote a DIY piece for my day job on this very project and I couldn’t find any good images to accompany the story. So with deadline looming and images needed, I had no other option than to just DIM (do it myself). In hindsight it was a great act of self-trickery.

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