Nurturing me November

This month got off to a bit of a rocky start as I felt the weight and strain of carrying too much, doing too much and as my last post mentioned I felt I was juggling too many balls. The problem, I’ve realised, is not really the doing and the juggling and the carrying but where my focus was. I was focusing on those dropped balls and not all the ones still up there being juggled with varying degrees of success. And man, was I beating myself up about it.

So a couple of weeks ago I sat myself down and drew a metaphorical line in the sand and said enough! The something that had to change, was not necessarily my workload but my approach. And the biggest change had to be my approach to myself. I had to look after myself in order to look after everyone and everything else.

So, I have made a few changes and have noticed an improvement in my mood, energy and productivity. Here they are in no particular order: Continue reading

Resolution 2012 #1: Sunday night facials


Happy new year! Well it’s almost two weeks in already, but better late than never hey? Tardiness has become somewhat of a lifestyle here at Save Mum’s Sanity lately.

I’m blaming pregnancy and holiday mode mentality primarily, but with the onset of a new year comes a new resolve. Yes, you guessed it – resolution time.

In recent years I haven’t really done the resolution thing, preferring a casual review and reflect type thing: a few mental notes here, a scrawling in a notebook there.

But last year particularly I felt I’d lost my way somehow and this year I’ve decided to be more proactive in steering my life’s ship in the right direction.

So this will be my first in a series of new year resolution posts this month. Outlining a few of my big and small resolutions that all aim to get me back on track.

Resolution #1 is partaking in a new ritual of the Sunday night facial. This is a chance to take time out, relax and pamper myself in preparation for the week ahead.

Last night was my first facial of the year. I cleansed, I exfoliated and then retreated to my bedroom with a face masque applied and book in hand and I did what every nutty blogger would do and captured my attractive look with an Instagram pic.

It was blissful! This simple act helped me prepare for my return to work today and my skin feels so soft and smooth. This is just one of the small ways I intend on nurturing myself this year and I’m excited to share a few more in the next couple of weeks.

How do you aim to take care of yourself in 2012?

Weekend retreating

Last Friday, two close friends and I set off on a road trip. It was just like old times, except instead of a weekend’s worth of booze we each loaded the car with modestly packed bags containing leisure wear. We were off on a two-night yoga retreat.

The weather was drizzly and the forecast was promising more of the same for the weekend, so thoughts turned to red wine but we maturely resisted the urge.

We drove ahead of the weekend rush, escaping north and then slightly west into the green of the Glasshouse Mountains. Getting out of the car in the cool afternoon air with the mountains looming large in front of us, I felt my shoulders relax. Time for me. To restore. To get a guaranteed uninterrupted sleep. Continue reading

Mondays spent Gleeless, or is that glum?

Mondays I tend to skip home from the train station knowing that my routine will be eat, read stories to J and put him to bed and then shower and settle in for my favourite show of the week … Glee.

I am unashamed to say that I’m a total Gleek to the power of infinity and considering there is no other show on the free-to-air network’s prime time viewing schedule that I actively follow, it’s the one time of the week I get actively excited about sitting down in front of the box. Continue reading

This week I'm grateful for … sleep

Sleep has always been my friend. Give me somewhere to lie my head and I’ve always been able to snooze off with no problems, straight after a coffee, on a train, on a couch with a party in full swing. It’s one of my favourite things.

In fact, it was one of the things I was pretty scared of post-child – how would I cope with less sleep? I was a full 10 hour a night kind of girl.

The answer I soon found was that I coped better than I expected. I would nap in the afternoon with J beside me, I’d bring him into bed to maximise night time sleep. I coped, in that kind of frayed round the edges way that most mothers cope with sleep deprivation. I got used to it. Continue reading

Ikea catalogue love

This week I’ve spent most of my time in unproductive mode. I am sick – again – the two rounds of antibiotics have seemingly had no affect on health or energy levels and at the start of the week the good ol’ mucous factory started up again.

This time, there must have been a new employee charged with the task of running a feather duster over my throat with the express purpose of making me cough repeatedly. That, coupled with the last remnants of J’s conjunctivitus and the last week of bad news, I just wanted to lie low – horizontally if possibly – until things started looking up again. Or until I was forced out of the house in search of comfort food or toilet paper.

Then, yesterday it appeared. Like sunshine on a rainy day. The Ikea Catalogue stuffed into my letterbox. The fact that there were cheques of a hefty nature from the lovely folks at the Australian Taxation Office also stuffed in there was suddenly secondary. I had a one track mind – Ikea Catalogue! Continue reading

Point and shoot: Winter Sun

This weekend was all about taking it easy. With the sniffles and unsettledness of the past two weeks behind us, J was on the move.

Wednesday’s ‘Cranky Crawler’, as I named him, had morphed into a happy little ‘Commando Crawler’ by the week’s end moving along the hallway and towards the bin, the recycling and the cat biscuits with the greatest of ease.

Sunday we took a morning drive to Shorncliffe, about half hour drive from home, a quiet seaside spot where A could fish, J could pull himself around on the grass and I could relax with a magazine while taking in the view.

No fish were caught, but we left with a resolve to visit again soon.

See what other’s got up to this weekend over at Fat Mum Slim.