Motherhood words of wisdom

Wouldn’t this be nice? Do you think it’s possible, or am I having one of my hippy idealistic episodes (of which I have many!). I don’t think any of us are immune from getting a visit from Judgey McJudgey occasionally, but I actively try not to indulge him when he comes a knocking.

Afterall, we don’t know what is happening in other people’s lives. Behind their closed doors. Inside their minds. The things they struggle with. Where they’ve been. I remind myself of that constantly, that things are not always what they seem.

I think the celebration starts with being honest, really honest. With ourselves and with other mothers. Not just playing lip service to the parenting cliches.

Let’s own our parenting decisions, so if someone does try to judge them they won’t get very far. And if we struggle to own them, let’s find the strength to ask ourselves why so we can try and fix what doesn’t feel right.

There is no right way to parent, we all find our own way through by loving and nurturing and doing what feels right to us.

I am still finding my way. I’m a work in motherhood progress, yet aren’t we all?

How are you progressing? What words of wisdom have helped you on your parenting journey?


Changing centres: why I don't dump my son in day care

Two weeks ago when picking up Jarvis from daycare I burst into tears on his carer’s shoulder. They were tears tied up in all sorts of emotions – sadness, pride, nostalgia and gratitude. This was the woman I handed over my eight-month-old baby to two years ago and now the toddler boy at our feet was walking out of the centre for the last time – we were changing day care centres.

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This week I'm grateful for … Autumn

My favourite season is just kicking in. Although the days are still hot and humid in the traditional Brisbane kind of way, there is a crispness around the edges blowing in on a soft breeze … Autumn is coming.

Spring used to be my favourite season, but now Autumn with its promise of cool nights spent cosy with a hot beverage, days of jeans, cardi and a light scarf bring me the most joy.

This summer has been bizarre weather-wise, with so much rain and temperatures lower on average than we’re used to here. But still the humidity has been unrelenting and there has been quite a few days when I’ve felt sweaty and grumpy and ready for a cooler change to come.

And here it is. Slowly heralding its arrival in a cooler morning and afternoon that will soon creep its way into the days. Changes on the wind.

Ah, the promise of a new season.

How about you? What season brings you the most joy?

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This new old house

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our old house – our home for the past six years. And although it wasn’t our own house, it felt very much like home. It was hard saying goodbye.

But in saying goodbye to that old girl, we have been welcomed into a new old house. This one, our very own. Now a month after we moved in, I’ve had some time to get to know her and our new neighbourhood.

It took a little while for it to sink in, with the moving and then with Christmas and New Year. My mind was so caught up with ticking off mental to-do lists that I was present in her four walls, but my mind was away somewhere else. Distracted, at times irritable – I just wanted to get. things. done. Continue reading

2011 – not such a great start

It seems ages ago since I recapped the last year, lamenting its twists and turns and hoping, like many, that this year would be different.

It was only two weeks ago, and already so many events have occurred that have me reaching for life’s railings, a pit of dread forming in my stomach.

Last week, I wrote of the sad situation that fellow blogger Lori found herself in. That we were all praying for her beloved Tony and hoping against all hope that he’d pull through.

Unfortunately, he lost his fight for life on Monday. Lori has continued to be brave on her blog as she battles to come to terms with her loss and be there for her two young children. My thoughts and love are with her. Continue reading

And so it begins

Here I am finally able to blog for the first time in more than a week. I feel like I have so much to say – all on divergent themes and topics, the things that have been rattling around in my head during the week that saw me nursing a sick and clingy boy, trying to juggle two busy days at work following disturbed sleep, spending time with my mum who was visiting and finally escaping the nest for two whole nights for a work trip to Townsville. My first two nights away from Jarvis since he arrived. There is a blog post there particularly. But it will have to wait as nostalgia takes precedence here tonight. To get there, we have to go back to the beginning.

The night that labour began. It was a stormy and rainy Monday, it felt just like tonight. The stretch and sweep of that afternoon did its job and the pain started in earnest. I would glance up at the clock each time it started. 10 minutes turned into 5 minutes in a matter of hours and I thought that maybe just maybe, I would meet my baby tonight. Tonight, one year ago. Continue reading

My 'to don't' list

It’s official. I am laziness personified. I start out my first day of the non-working week with all the best of intentions, but inevitably Wednesday has become my ‘lazy day’. The more I procrastinate, the worse it gets. The ‘to do’ list lies abandoned and I start feeling guilty for not achieving the things that I set out to do. It’s a vicious circle!

So, in order to motivate myself and as a reminder that the day is not over yet, here is a list of things that I achieved today. Continue reading