My best buys online

Oh, online shopping how I love thee!

Got home from work this eve and was greeted by a lovely little express post bag on the dining table. A quick squeeze revealed that it was my black, cocktail style maxi dress for the Australian Bloggers Conference that I ordered from Birdsnest on Thursday. But it could just have easily been my business cards for said conference I ordered from Zazzle, or my hair products that I ordered from StrawberryNet.

Yep, I’m pretty much an online shopping addict!

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Frugal Friday #2 – Supermarket Sweep

It’s been a long time since my last Frugal Friday, but I thought this Friday would be a good a time as any to reinstate the magic that is a regular week-day post featuring alliteration.

As promised on my first Frugal Friday post eons ago, this week Frugal Friday takes a frolic down the supermarket aisle.

As a child I remember rushing home to watch Supermarket Sweep,  hosted by Ian Turpie, where a bunch of crazy contestants rushed around the various supermarket aisles, collecting as many products as they could before the buzzer rang out . The contestant with the largest bill at the end won.

Little did I know then that as an adult, the grocery shopping expedition would be much like an episode of Supermarket Sweep. You end up madly battling other stressed out shoppers to grab all your required products and while you might get a large bill at the end, in real life you actually have to pay for it. Continue reading

Frugal Friday – Bill bustin'

Well it’s post number three, and I thought it was about time to add in a regular feature utilising alliteration in the title. Welcome to Frugal Friday!

As the title suggests, I have nominated Friday as the day where I share my latest attempt to scrimp and save.

Money issues are a sure-fire sanity destroyer, but making do on less doesn’t mean your life has to become void of all fun. Continue reading