Top tips for keeping friendships alive over at A Little Bird

Well if you’ve thought I’ve gone all AWOL on you all, well I kind of have. This self-nurturing business has seen me put the brakes on a bit to try and stop myself from feeling so overwhelmed. And it’s working, kind of. I have still been blogging though, I just haven’t been letting you all know about it!!

So, head over to A Little Bird Blogs to read my latest post on Top tips for keeping friendships alive. I feel blessed to have a small group of really special friends, but keeping them in my life has required alot more effort post-children. It’s been a bit of a work in progress really, so I’m attempting to share what’s worked for me. Go over and see how I’m keeping my friendships alive and let me know how you do to!

And while your there, you can read all my other recent posts I haven’t told you about as well as some other entertaining and thought provoking posts, like this post on switching off Facebook by my blogging nest buddy Ms CupoTea!

Looking forward to sharing some more exciting posts with you this week!




On Thursday I turned 33. The day before heralded a new week of pregnancy – week 33.

Never one to be too excited by birthdays, I was surprised that I felt light and free – not 33 in either sense.

An old friend was staying with us all the way from Dublin. We worked together for a short time in Sydney and caught up briefly a year later in Dublin and London and kept in touch somewhat sporadically in the intervening years. The last time we saw each other I was just 23.

When I heard he was coming to Australia, I admit I had a few fretful moments – so much time had passed and my life now bore no resemblence to my life then. Our whole friendship had been a blur of happy hours and hungover workplace camaraderie, I wondered if we’d still share the same bond we did then. I worried he would find me boring and a pregnant party pooper. Continue reading

Love is love: why I support marriage equality

I was bridesmaid at my best friend Kate’s wedding on Saturday (that’s me and my little man walking down the aisle). It was a highly anticipated event, like any wedding, with details fussed over and agonised about for months.

I counted myself blessed and priviliged to have watched her fall in love and settle into a happy life with her partner and to be beside her on her big day.

The fact that there were two brides paled in insignificance to all who witnessed their beautiful ceremony and celebrated with them afterwards.

Love is love, afterall. And these two were radiantly and beautifully in love, sharing their pledges of commitment in front of family and friends.

Unfortunately, the Australian government currently doesn’t see it that way. The ‘little piece of paper’ that us heteros take for granted and can choose to take or leave, represents a whole lot more for those in same sex relationships. Shouldn’t they have the same choice as us?

I was planning a big post on this, but last night Kate uploaded this poster she had made on Facebook and really I couldn’t say it any better than this:

K&L marriage equality poster

The Mackie returns … my besty's Michelle Bridges 12WBT journey

I mentioned a little while back that my besty Kate had embarked upon a weightloss journey on the Michelle Bridge’s 12 week body transformation program and started a blog to chart her progress (to catch up, click here).

Well, the 12 weeks wrapped up a couple of weeks back and I was so proud to be one of Kate’s guests at the presentation party here in Brisbane, where a whole heap of 12WBT-ers from around of Australia converged to let their hair down following a massive workout led by Michelle that morning.

Kate had by the end of the program lost 22.4kg and almost 55cm from around her body. I was so proud and in awe of her achievement and on the night of the party she looked incredible and so, so happy. Continue reading

Point & Shoot: Party time

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos from the weekend that was. But thought this weekend was a great chance to jump back into Point & Shoot mode – Jarvis’s 1st birthday party.

I was aiming for low key, yet special. A morning tea in the park by the river with yummy slices and sandwiches and good friends and family. I decided on an owl theme, as 1. I like owls and they’re EVERYWHERE right now; 2. Jarvis seems quite enamoured by Hoot of Giggle & Hoot on ABC2 and 3. I was embarking on cake making and decorating – an uncharted territory for me – and I figured that an owl would be a simple case of cooking two circle cakes and wacking them together with some frosting. Continue reading

Fresh baked Friday

Another week passes, another trip down memory lane. This time a year ago, I was two days away from my due date.  I was experiencing all the mixed emotions that all first-time expectant mums go through. Excitement. Fear. Disbelief. Impatience. That ‘any day now’ feeling would accompany me to bed at night as I thought about whether tonight would be the night I would feel the first twinges of my baby starting to make his entrance into the world.

A lady in waiting. And it seemed so were all my family and friends. One friend in particular, my oldest and best friend, was awash with excitement and would come over every Friday of this waiting period, since I’d finished work three weeks earlier, laden with baked goods from the very lovely bread shop near her house. Fresh baked Friday had begun! Continue reading

Real vintage

I have a long-held theory that a person’s clothes shopping style often mirrors the way they approach the search for love and friendship.

Take my style: I don’t particularly like shopping, but I like clothes. I can instantly tell if a store will hold anything for me following a cursory glance. It’s all about instinct. I don’t like trying on clothes for the heck of it, but only try on clothes I really like, that really catch my eye. My taste could be described as retro meets sensible. I live for jeans, but I love a wild pattern, I like detailing that you might not expect. A pocket here, a ruffle there, a large button, a metallic zip.

And such is the case with my nearest and dearest. Mr P caught my eye thanks to a polyster brown shirt and when conversation ensued I found a quirky sense of humour, a sensitivity and an honesty that I found refreshing but that others sometimes find confronting.

I often find clothing items and special people when I am not particularly looking, they jump out at me unexpectedly almost flagging me down with an accompanying feeling that tells me I am closer to myself, that I’ve made a special find.

Continue reading