A weekend beside the sea

It’s been hectic here lately. Despite the fact that to the outside world, maternity leave is supposed to be one big holiday I feel like I’ve never been busier. With no working outside the home to punctuate my week like it used to and Mr P working the last few Saturdays, I feel like every week winds its way into the next with ‘to do’ items outstanding and a clothing pile that’s perpetually stacked to overflowing.

So it was with relief that we packed the two boys and the resultant accoutrements that come with travelling with kids into the Mazda 3 and took off on Friday afternoon for two nights at Kings Beach, Caloundra. Continue reading


A night in … out + Crust giveaway!

A night off from cooking has always been an exciting treat around these parts. Friday night always seemed the most appropriate night, a week of work was done and the weekend stretched out in front of us glimmering of freedom and opportunity.

Since becoming parents, the occasional take away night has become something even more. With going out for dinner a very rare treat these days, takeaway nights have taken on a more important role. A time to kick back as a family, enjoy each other’s company and after tucking J into bed we’ll enjoy a movie or favourite television series on DVD. It doesn’t seem like much, but its a sufficient shift in routine to recharge the batteries. Continue reading

Whirlwind weeks

The weeks just keep passing me by. Is it just me or does the second half of the year seem to enter super speed mode, spiraling out of control into Christmas and beyond?

We’re down at my parents at the moment about to fly to Sydney for a 30th birthday party, just the two of us for 24 hours only, while J stays here with his grandparents. A super speed visit but it should be fun. A dinner cruise on the harbour tonight – ooh la la!

And then we return to Bris for the working week and preparations for the boy’s 2nd birthday on Friday.

No big party this year, but I will make some form of cake and perhaps cupcakes for daycare the next Monday.

I wrote a post over at Life & Other Plans about the wild and wonderful world of children’s cake decorating. So in lieu of a real post here, head over and let me know about your cake triumphs and disasters. Check it out here.

Hoping for sanity amongst a speedy week – and wishing you the same!

Five years

Yesterday was our five year wedding anniversary.

It has disappeared in a blink, but looking at our wedding photos it seems so long ago.

Alot can change in five years, and lots of things have.

The obstacles that have been thrown our way have made us stronger and I’m grateful to say that standing here, five years along that bridge from there, that we’re still holding hands on our journey together. Still heading in the same direction.

And really, as well as an immense love, that is all you can hope for in a marriage … that your paths head toward the same horizon. Continue reading

Surviving cold season + Blackmores giveaway!

I was starting to feel smug that cold season was in full swing and J had not had so much as a sniffle. The minute the thought crossed my mind I knew I was in big trouble! Illness of some kind would not be far off.

The universe seems to have a tricky way to ensure I never get too smug about any aspect of parenting. And in this case, a constantly running nose and a loud barking cough was dispatched J’s way post haste. Continue reading

Word to yo Mummas

It’s mothers’ day here in Australia – a day to sit back and lap up the gifts, food and love from ones children. My Facebook feed has been full of ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ type status updates. While they all carried with them a lovely sentiment they got a bit boring after awhile until this video post featuring Mr T caught my eye.

Direct from the so-bad, it’s good eighties file, good ol’ Mr T is so serious about his ‘Treat yo mumma right’ message but the lyrics to the song are just too funny. Continue reading

Day out with Thomas

Saturday morning saw us loading into the car for a road trip out to Ipswich to have breakfast with the Fat Controller at the opening day of Day Out with Thomas at the Workshops Rail Museum.

The invite arrived in my work inbox and I had to have a chuckle to myself at how excited I was about being invited to meet a characterised railway worker and take photos of a whole heap of large scale versions of characterised trains.

My pre-baby self would have mocked me mercilessly. Not only would the event feature no trays of champagne, but it would be held out at Ipswich – just under an hour drive, but considered a world away by the bulk of the Brisbane populace (or just wannabe snobs such as yours truly). Continue reading