Quick meal time with Lenards

Lenards cookup

With my work load increasing since the start of the year, I’ve come to value two words that don’t come easily to me – outsourcing and delegating.

Although the outsourcing budget doesn’t stretch as far as I would like (cleaner, anyone?!), well actually there is no budget,  I have been surrendering to the notion that I have to do it all. Usually I would tie myself into knots about trying to map out meals and cook them ahead and then beat myself up if I didn’t get around to doing it before I did the grocery shop. Which is pretty counterproductive.

But now I try to take a more relaxed approach. Continue reading


Could a Groupon save a marriage?

In the midst of all the turmoil of late last year, an email hit my inbox about Groupon. I’ve checked out various coupon sites over the past couple of years but have often baulked at buying them. Are they a case of too good to be true? Will I get a booking when I want? Should I just stick with going somewhere I know?

But at that moment I knew we needed a night out, we needed a new experience to try together and get us talking, so I said I’d love to try it out. I was given a $49 credit and although there was a massage deal that looked very tempting, as I flicked through Brisbane restaurant deals there was an offer for a Japanese Degustation for two at Zuri, including wine, for (you guessed it!) $49. It sounded exactly like what we needed. It was an easy process to purchase the offer and a coupon was rapidly sent to my inbox. I booked the next day and had no trouble booking for our desired date and time. Continue reading

Top of the Muffin to ya! Easy, peasy Raspberry Muffin Recipe (that I managed to stuff up)

Who doesn’t love a good easy muffin recipe? I have spent years trying to perfect my muffin making technique and finally felt I had tweaked a recipe that was 1) easy, peasy 2) always had the all important crispy top, yet soft muffin flesh and 3) I was confident enough to share with you all.

So on Monday Jarvis and had a bit of a muffin cook up, following this recipe: Continue reading

Wine times: a brief history and a reunion

Wine and I, we’ve been what I would call close friends for around 15 years.

It started with a bottle of Queen Adelaide dry red for a cheap buzz, meandering through the bottle of chardy shared with girlfriends stage up to the couple-y connoisseur stage, visiting wineries and name-dropping more unusual varietals such as Sangoviese and Pinot Grigio. Continue reading

Dinner for two

Last Saturday Mr P and I headed out for a fancy dinner – just the two of us. It was a combined my birthday/valentines day/last chance before baby arrives type affair so we splurged on a six-course tasting menu at the gorgeous Figtree Restaurant at Ewingsdale, just outside of Byron Bay.

We were here in November for our lovely friends’ Kate and Larry’s nuptials and the scenery and food was divine so we thought it would be the perfect spot for a relaxed dinner for two. It also helps that Grandma and Grandpa only live a 15 minute drive away, so J was happy and spoilt back at their place. Continue reading

A night in … out + Crust giveaway!

A night off from cooking has always been an exciting treat around these parts. Friday night always seemed the most appropriate night, a week of work was done and the weekend stretched out in front of us glimmering of freedom and opportunity.

Since becoming parents, the occasional take away night has become something even more. With going out for dinner a very rare treat these days, takeaway nights have taken on a more important role. A time to kick back as a family, enjoy each other’s company and after tucking J into bed we’ll enjoy a movie or favourite television series on DVD. It doesn’t seem like much, but its a sufficient shift in routine to recharge the batteries. Continue reading

Confessions from a breakfast weirdo

When I was invited to attend the Kellogg’s Bloggers Brunch here in Brisbane last Wednesday, the thought initially crossed my mind that the event could be an intervention.

You see, breakfast and I have had a stormy past and breakfast cereals and I an even stormier one. Maybe these folks from Kelloggs were onto me and invited me as a way to change my ways? Maybe all the other bloggers in attendance will be breakfast weirdos too? At least we could form a support group, I decided.

According to Mr P, I am a breakfast weirdo. Being a stoic weetbix, hot water and milk kind of guy for years and years on end, my penchant for mixing up my breakfast cuisine continually baffles him. Continue reading