Back to basics

I had a blog once. I started in a new baby haze back in 2010, not really knowing what a blog was but knowing I had to write about this new land called motherhood. Lots have changed since then. That baby boy I held in my arms as I typed back then turns seven tomorrow. Social media, being an influencer and going viral are things now. Blogging is a business. All I really want to do is write without pressure and express myself without judgement. So, it’s back to basics for me. Back to where it all started on All the old posts have thankfully come across and from now on, I’ll write when I feel like it. Expect musings on life as a working mother, general rants and talk about writing, yoga and creativity.



A return to stressing less and the Bupa Health influencer blog awards


Can you believe November is here already? It’s the point where the silly season starts to hit full steam, but I’ve decided that this year will be different. So next Wednesday, I’d love you to come and join in the Save Mum’s Sanity #stresslessxmas.

I think as mothers we sometimes bear the brunt of the silliness of this time of year – organising the social gatherings, buying the gifts, endless food prep and we can easily start feeling the stress building in a time of year that should be enjoyable and about sharing love with our family.

I personally put alot of pressure on myself to provide the perfect christmas experience and it always leaves me feeling strung out. I figure what my family really needs at Christmas is not a strung out, hung up mother, but a peaceful, relaxed and happy one who’s not worrying about the details so much as the time spent together.

So that’s my aim this year, and I’d love if it was yours too!

Next Wednesday’s post will have some details about how to get involved and what to expect – I promise not to bombard you with lots of Christmas Stress Less posts, as it will kind of defeat the purpose! I’m aiming for once a week with some social media check ins to see how everything is going. I’m planning on ressurrecting Save Mum’s Sanity Weekly, which will be full of #stresslessxmas tips so if you’re not signed up, you can do so on the side bar.

The other exciting news I’d like to share is that Save Mum’s Sanity has been announced as a finalist in the Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards 2014. I was so shocked to be a finalist I danced around my house saying ‘OMG’ for about an hour. I’m a finalist in the Family Time category, so feel free to pop over and put in a vote for me and have a look at all the other wonderful finalists.


It’s really heartening to be recognised as a blog aiming to change to the way we think about health and wellbeing. I’m really passionate about mothers looking after their own needs as a priority, rather than sticking their goals, dreams, sanity and wellbeing on the shelf in the sake of their family. It’s not what your family want or need from you – there’s no such thing as a perfect mother, but lots of amazing, different ways to be a perfectly good one. This is what I want to celebrate and what I want for you.

Thanks so much for reading and being here. Feel free to tell your friends, so we can stress less and save our sanity together. Much love x

Learning how to farewell fear at #pbevent

Last weekend I, along with more than 450 other bloggers and online business owners, attended the Problogger Training Event at QT Hotel, Gold Coast. 

Before the event, I’d written about how I was trying not to succumb to the usual fear I feel about things like this and then in Problogger Darren Rowse’s opening keynote he talked about the main things that could hold us back as bloggers and there it was up on the big screen behind him … fear! His main point about fear was that it is a signal that something important is about to happen and by stepping through the fear, past your comfort zone and into the relative unknown is where the sparks fly.

And that’s just what I did and I felt those sparks fly as ideas buzzed in my head, as I made connections with a bunch of interesting people from all around the country and as I started to believe that my dreams about making a positive mark on the world could actually be realised. Continue reading

I'm not here … but I'm there

I am very excited to be spreading my blogging wings and flying over to A Little Bird as a resident blogger.

A Little Bird is a lovely little nest full of things to do for kids and bubs and I feel privileged to be blogging over there three times a week about parenting, fun and reviews of kid friendly places and activities. Continue reading

And you call yourself a blogger? Lacking consistency

Last week’s ‘And you call yourself a blogger?’ post detailed how my uncanny ability to consistently suck at selfies may be holding me back from blogging success, which was a fun way to get the ball rolling.

But while my selfies consistently suck, my efforts at posting consistently kinda sucks too. In the early days I was a pretty consistent three to four posts a week kind of girl. I had a lot to say and the time to do it. I was enthusiastic and joined in all the linkys. But then life got in the way. I went back to work. I got all caught up in my head and lost my blojo. Sometimes weeks went by without post. Hardly the foundation for blogging success. Continue reading

And you call yourself a blogger? Sucking at selfies

This is the first of a series I am calling ‘And you call yourself a blogger?’ where I explore the possible reasons for my disappointing foray into the world of blogging.

In a time when stats are king, shaking your money maker for brands is de jour and finding a large community of mutual back-scratching fans is mandatory, I officially suck on all counts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not playing the ‘blogging high brow’ card here, all of these are admirable goals. I’d wack on ‘Baby got Back’ and booty shake down my street if I could improve any one of these things.

I’ve read all the ‘blogging how tos’ (and aren’t there alot of those!) and I know I can write, so why am I such a lack-lustre blogger? The answer lies in a number of key areas which I’ll explore in the coming weeks with most belonging in the category entitled ‘half-arsed’.

But this one is a bit different. I’ve been trying really hard at this one, but with practice comes more disappointment. I officially suck at selfies. Continue reading

A new look … for my blog and for me

When you are running on the treadmill of life with a young family while jigsaw fitting the rest of your life in the gaps, it’s easy to not only feel tired but start to look tired too. Not just in a bags under the eyes kind of way (that comes with the territory) but in a ‘I look like a bag lady’ kind of way. And now, 4 months on from having my Master Hugo I decided the bag lady just had to go. She was dragging me down and affecting my self-esteem and stopping me from being where I wanted to be – a functioning member of society (keeping my goals achievable at the moment, people!). Continue reading