Welcome! I’m Belinda, I’m a journalist and mother of two boys living in Brisbane, Australia. Save Mum’s Sanity is a place for mothers to rediscover the joy of just being themselves – however weird and wonderful that is! I believe that modern mothers are under more pressure than ever before, whether they work, stay at home or doing a bit of both. The list of ‘shoulds’ grow ever long and external and internal pressures leave some of us in constant state of overwhelm and near breaking point.

So, I’m here to say let’s do away with ‘perfect’ (whatever that is anyway) and let’s embrace this crazy ride of motherhood however best suits us. This usually starts with getting truly happy with ourselves, so that the opinions of others really don’t matter anymore. Let’s actively look at what’s causing us stress and anxiety and take baby steps at reducing it. I’m not perfect, and don’t have all the answers, I’m just a fellow mum looking for ways to live a happy and fulfilling life, while being a positive role model to my children. I work part-time, my house is often a mess and I get overwhelmed sometimes but I’m always looking for a nugget of positivity in everyday situations to help me grow as a mother and a person.
My first son Jarvis (now 4) was born with congenital facial palsy, also referred to as seventh nerve palsy. He also has a motor speech disorder. He has limited movement on the right side of his face from his forehead down. His right eye doesn’t blink and he has the cutest crooked smile you’ll ever see. Speech sounds continue to be a problem for him and his struggle to communicate causes him a lot of frustration. To support him as he becomes aware of his differences, I discovered it was extra important for me to embrace and celebrate my own differences, to not only be a role model to him, but to be his grounded advocate as he enters schooling and beyond. As a result you’ll also find a growing amount of resources here to help understand facial palsy, motor speech disorders and how to look after yourself as a parent of a child with a special need.

So, have a look around and don’t be a afraid to drop me a line to say hi, ask a question or share your story. I appreciate you dropping by! xx