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Stress Action Plan Plan BlogThe start of another week is here, and I must admit I experienced a bit of a thud back to reality from my Mothers’ Day pedestal today. Back to the routine and the sometimes drudgery of the day had me a little down, but nothing a bit of morning sunshine and a neighbourhood stroll with my littlest man, after dropping my big boy at kindy, didn’t fix. Maybe you felt a bit of a thud too? So today might be the perfect time to put in place our stress less action plan.

Hopefully last Monday you were able to pinpoint some of the core things that are stressing you out. Today we’ll revisit them and note down a few key thoughts about these stressors.

So pull out your ‘what’s stressing you out list’ and ask yourself the following questions about one of the items on your list:

  • What about this can I change?
  • What can’t I change?
  • What could help me to accept the things I cannot change?
  • So, whatcha going to do about it … note down a three step action plan.

There may be more on your action plan list, and if that’s the case prioritise just the top three at this stage. Once you’ve started ticking those off you can get to the next lot. The key here is to not get too overwhelmed, you want to start taking action on what’s stressing you in a way that helps you to start feeling better about it, not scare yourself stupid and keep avoiding the issue. 

So, this week my aim is to tackle one of my biggest stressors at the moment that I mentioned in last Monday’s post:

“I’m stressing out about the realities of Jarvis having Global Developmental Delay (GDD), how we are going to afford the extra therapy required and make the right decision regarding his schooling.”

This is a bit of a three pronged one and by rereading it again the main issues that shout out at me are: realities of GDD, money, education decisions. You might want to do that with yours too – what are the main issues or worries here?

What about this can I change? I can change our budget to accommodate the extra therapy by trying to cut back in other areas, I can start meeting with our chosen schools about how their approach to teaching Jarvis to help with our decision and I can incorporate therapies at home to help facilitate his learning. 

What can’t I change? I can’t change that J had GDD and that therapy needed will be costly. I can’t change that despite all our best efforts that he either may not be ready for school next year or will need additional ongoing help. 

What can help me accept the things I can’t change?  I can focus on the fact that knowing what he has and the therapies he needs can give him the greatest chance of excelling in life to the best of his ability. To see him succeed at things that he finds difficult is a feeling like no other and is definitely priceless. 


1. Re-do budget to accommodate new therapy sessions and pinpoint areas to cut back.

2. Make appointments with school principals of the two schools we’re thinking of.

3. Approach home practice of therapies as fun bonding time, not another chore to be endured. Ask lots of questions about the main goals and how best to work towards them in the home environment. 

By writing this down, I already feel a bit lighter and the things that were stressing me out are now propelling me towards healthy actions instead of unhealthy thoughts.

It’s important to note that stress in itself it’s not always bad – the things we get stressed about are often things we need to attend with some urgency. So by looking at what we can actually change about the situation and then set a plan to do so gives us back control over the stress and minimises it.

So, I’m off into budget land as a first stop! How about you? Tell me all about your action plan in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Stress less action plan

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