5 tips to bring that holiday feeling to everyday

holidayshomeI write this on the second last night of our Easter weekend away with a glass of bubbles by the laptop, a head of beach hair and a fond memories of the last few sun-soaked days turning at the corners of my lips. Nothing beats that holiday feeling, of nowhere especially important to be, of living in the moment, going with the flow and even doing nothing when the mood so demands.

But with that holiday high comes the eventual crash back to Earth when it’s back to work, school drop offs and the domestic drudgery. But I’ve been thinking. Does it have to be that way? Is there some way to bottle that holiday feeling and bring it back with me to inject some relaxation into routine and fun into the familiar?

I’d like to give it a go. The best thing I find about being on holiday is the chance to really connect with my family and myself. I love having the time and space to be spontaneous and just kick back and do nothing. We scoured the beach for the best shells, sat in the park as dusk approached listening to the birds and swam in the sea giggling together over nothing much at all. As I think about those precious memories, I feel certain with a few small changes that we can bring some of this feeling home with us tomorrow.

1.       Leave some time to ‘just be’

Jarvis has started to regularly ask to ‘go home and do nothing’. Sometimes when I hear it, the ‘to do list’ looms large in my mind and I wonder ‘how can I do nothing when I have so much to do?’. But he’s so right, we all need time just to ‘do nothing’. So even if I have to schedule ‘do nothing’ time once a day, every day … I will.

2.       Don’t always plan ahead

I have a tendency to plan ahead so we know what’s coming up, but holidays are a good reminder that not everything has to be planned completely. Sometimes, all that’s needed is some free time left on a weekend for spontaneous choices to go where the mood or day takes you.

3.       Look for the fun

Yes, everyday life can tend towards the mundane and at times down right frustrating. There’s stuff that needs to be done that you don’t necessarily want to do, but sometimes there’s little gems of joy in those chores. I vow to ‘let go’ a bit and let the boys help me with the stuff that needs to be done around the house – even if it takes longer and might seem like we’re getting nowhere. I’ll also focus on the fun I can have AFTER the mundane jobs are taken care of to motivate myself to get stuck in and finish them and go and enjoy my day.

4.       Forget about the chores

And sometimes I am going to flat out forget about the chores for a few hours (or even a day) and focus on time with the family or time for myself. I will remind myself that it’s OK to put my feet up for a little while, holiday-style, and feel the better for it!

5.       Do something new

Holidays are often a time you get to try something new or visit somewhere you’ve never been before. There’s plenty of stuff around our area that’s in my ‘I’d love to check out’ list that are cheap to visit and would be a nice day out for the family, so I’ll be making sure I actually plan to visit them!

What are your tips for bringing the holiday feeling home? Let me know what ones you’re going to try to keep the relaxation going until the next holiday!

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