Birthday reasons to smile

Today was my 35th birthday. Despite my misgivings in the lead up that 35 seems like an awfully large number, today as I celebrated with a quiet weekend staying at my parents’ house I feel nothing but contentment.

So, as I sit here with a belly full of tea and cake I thought it might be apt to recall the moments that made me smile over this, my birthday weekend.

J singing happy birthday loudly, at random intervals throughout the day.

My wonderful moustache cake, made by my sis-in-law Stacey.

Watching the boys splash in the river, before stripping off and running around in the nude.

Catching up with one of my oldest friends and laughing like we were 10 again.

Birthday messages and phone calls from lovely friends and family.

Pizzas cooked on the BBQ, eaten outside with all the family.

The new necklace, bracelet and earrings Mr P got made for me featuring my birthstone and star sign stone.

A bracelet my talent sister made for me.

Slipping away for a nana nap as the boys did some gardening with their Grandpa.

Walking around the streets of my hometown and peeping in the little shops filled with beautiful things.

As these little moments wash over me with their simple joy, I’m reminded of what really makes me happy. How the small things are really, really big and the things I thought were big (like the number I was turning) actually has no meaning at all.

Looking forward to many more little moments that make me smile.

What made you smile this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Birthday reasons to smile

  1. There were lots of smiles, having you and your sister home for your birthdays – 9th and 11th. The two grandsons always create lots of funny, smiley moments and it is such a joy to have all the family together enjoying a relaxing, happy weekend.


  2. Written lovely B.
    I’ll always be proud to see that your childhood dream of being a journalist/writer has come to fruition x


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