Putting the me in family – a six step plan

Be kind

I wonder as mothers why we struggle so hard to put ourselves first? Is it for fear of being accused as ‘selfish’? Is it a warped kind of guilt that if we’re not busting our arse for our family all of the time that we’re failing them? Is it that lingering societal pressure that women have to keep a perfect house, perfect children and be perfect themselves?

It’s probably a combination of all of these factors. All I know is that since becoming a mother that I’ve put a tonne of pressure on myself to live up to some impossible ideal. And it wasn’t making me a better mother – not by a long shot. The truth was, I was angry, frustrated, sad and unbelievably busy. Maybe you feel that way too?

It was almost a year ago that I got the biggest wake up call of my life – my family that I was working so hard for was falling apart. Dramatic, yes. And I could hear the whisperings in the wind that I should never have shared that story with the world, that it was my job to put up, shut up and leave my dirty laundry hidden at the bottom of the pile with the hand washing I never get time to do.

But the biggest revelation that came from that horrible time was that deep inside there was a little voice that came out clear as a bell and sat on my lips for the very first time – “I am worthy of happiness and love”. At the time I didn’t know what form it would come to me in, whether my marriage would survive or I’d be doing it alone – but that one revelation gave me strength to start creating a happier future for myself. Continue reading

GUEST POST: My health wake-up call

I am proud and honoured to welcome my friend Deb Eccleston here to Save Mum’s Sanity, to share her health wake-up call with you all. Deb’s powerful words are a reminder of how important it is to listen to our bodies and seek help when we feel it’s telling us that something is not quite right. Over to you, Deb!

In October five years ago, I was tired.

I had three young children, a part-time job that helped pay the bills and my husband had just started his dream job as a fire fighter.

Life was busy, so it was only natural to feel tired, stressed and maybe a little overwhelmed.

What wasn’t natural was my determination to ignore what my body was telling me. I was underweight and as a result had frequent dizzy spells. I had a cold that never went away. But rather than take off my self-imposed blindfold and address my own health, I just brushed it all aside with the feeble excuse of “I don’t have time to be sick”.

What came next made me wish I’d made the time when I had the chance. Continue reading

Hey, what's SUP?! A healthy day on the Gold Coast

SUP on the Gold Coast

Well, it’s now been more than two weeks since the whirlwind of the Problogger Training Event passed me by and since then I have been fervently trying not to fall into the ‘life is getting in the way’ excuse for not blogging. But in saying that, it really has. Work and home life has been charging on at an unrelenting pace and there was the case of conjunctivitis that had both me and Jarvis a bit sore and sorry for ourselves last week. But this week will be different, hey?

While I’ve managed to reflect on the conference itself here, on the Sunday after the official proceedings I joined a Health and Lifestyle experience with four fellow bloggers Nicole from Planning with Kids, Deborah from Diet Scmiet and Eleise from A Very Blended Family with the ever-delightful Shelley from Tourism & Events Queensland behind the wheel of the mini-bus. Continue reading