Learning how to farewell fear at #pbevent

Last weekend I, along with more than 450 other bloggers and online business owners, attended the Problogger Training Event at QT Hotel, Gold Coast. 

Before the event, I’d written about how I was trying not to succumb to the usual fear I feel about things like this and then in Problogger Darren Rowse’s opening keynote he talked about the main things that could hold us back as bloggers and there it was up on the big screen behind him … fear! His main point about fear was that it is a signal that something important is about to happen and by stepping through the fear, past your comfort zone and into the relative unknown is where the sparks fly.

And that’s just what I did and I felt those sparks fly as ideas buzzed in my head, as I made connections with a bunch of interesting people from all around the country and as I started to believe that my dreams about making a positive mark on the world could actually be realised.

Darren summed it up so well when he said that ‘even wobbly courage is courage’ and with each session I attended and each new person I spoke to I could feel that wobbly courage rising within me and the direction that I felt I’d been lacking here on this blog for more than a year start to feel laser sharp.

While I knew I would learn a lot of things about blogging and the future of where the industry is heading, I really didn’t realise how much I’d learn about myself and what I want to create here and in my life in general.

The vibe of the event was just so positive and inspirational but as Darren pointed out ‘inspiration without implementation is empty’, so I left the Gold Coast not only inspired but determined to take these dreams and ideas in my head and take the steps I need to take to make them happen, one step after another.

4 thoughts on “Learning how to farewell fear at #pbevent

  1. I can’t wait to see what the next steps are Bel; both in your Blog and in your life. Your my little ball of inspiration 🙂


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  3. Pingback: Hey, what’s SUP?! A healthy day on the Gold Coast

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