Nia Proudman style

Yesterday, I took myself off on a little me-time solo journey to YogaFest – a full day celebration of all things yoga and yoga-related at Brisbane’s beautiful Old Museum. It really did remind me of my music festival days of highlighting the program and cursing the ‘clashes’ between two red hot acts you’d like to see, or in this case two red hot yoga classes you’d like to try.

As well as all the yoga classes to do, there were market stalls to peruse and lots of yummy healthy food to try. As it was raining all day, there wasn’t as much sitting on the grass as I’d hoped but sitting in a cosy room almost shoulder to shoulder with other yoga enthusiasts certainly was a warming way to spend the day. There was just a lovely atmosphere and lots of good energy, lots of smiling at strangers and random conversations – I just felt very much at home and happy I was there on my own to go with the flow of the day.

The highlight for me was having a go at something I’ve wanted to try for sometime – Nia Dance. Having read about it, I still didn’t really know what I was in for, but when I saw our teacher warm up by sensually slithering along the floor complete with orgasmic facial expression, I started to get a bit scared!

Having now done it, it is still very hard to describe what it is. It combines yoga, tai chi and martial arts style moves and lays them all down with some funky grapevine-esque foot work while throwing in a few kicks and twirls for good measure. It sure did get the heart pumping but the best part for me was the truly liberating release and fun I had. If I was looking like a dork, I didn’t really care and nor did anyone else in the room … it really was a ‘dance like noone is watching’ type thing.

Coming home on my yoga high, I was attempting to describe what Nia was to Mr P and in doing so attempted to show off a few of my new moves.

His response? “You look like a drunk Nina Proudman”.

Ah. Ha. So I’ve taken the liberty of finding the piece of footage that he was referring to (sorry, but it’s pretty poor quality) and I must admit, it may be a fairly accurate portrayal of said moves and perhaps even my thought process when I was getting my Nia on … proud and unashamed!

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