Surrendering to the ups the downs and the roundabouts

I sit here, the house all quiet with the rain tinkling on the roof and a lemon tea beside me. I’ve just got home from yoga and feel all relaxed and centred but not quite ready for sleep. I’ve been in a reflective mood lately and tonight is more of the same. It’s peaceful reflection, not the stuff of my external life but of my internal truths, longings and battles. I feel a gentle shift back towards the essence of me, but as it shifts I feel resistance rising in the space. I take a breath and surrender to the feeling. Continue reading

Monday Meditation #4 Possibilities

Well, I missed last Monday’s meditation as we were up in Hervey Bay and there was a lot of hanging out with the boys and their nana and pop as well as watching live updates of the flood situation that was happening all around us. We were OK, but the road was cut to get back to Brisbane and poor Bundaberg just over an hour up the road was total carnage.

Nobody wants a disaster of such magnitude to come knocking on their door (or pouring through their door in this case) but I’m always struck by the amount of immense kindness and goodness that comes out after such events. How beautiful and inspiring things come out of the seemingly impossible.

So, this week my meditation is about harnessing all the beautiful possibilities that are there waiting for us in every day.

Happy Monday!