Could a Groupon save a marriage?

In the midst of all the turmoil of late last year, an email hit my inbox about Groupon. I’ve checked out various coupon sites over the past couple of years but have often baulked at buying them. Are they a case of too good to be true? Will I get a booking when I want? Should I just stick with going somewhere I know?

But at that moment I knew we needed a night out, we needed a new experience to try together and get us talking, so I said I’d love to try it out. I was given a $49 credit and although there was a massage deal that looked very tempting, as I flicked through Brisbane restaurant deals there was an offer for a Japanese Degustation for two at Zuri, including wine, for (you guessed it!) $49. It sounded exactly like what we needed. It was an easy process to purchase the offer and a coupon was rapidly sent to my inbox. I booked the next day and had no trouble booking for our desired date and time.

As the date drew near I was getting excited, yet a bit fearful – would we have a great night? Could we just have fun, without rehashing the last couple of weeks (at that time). I wanted to try. I donned a dress, wacked on some heels and wore a flower in my hair.

With the boys left with my father who’d come up for the weekend, we hopped aboard the train holding hands. We had time for a drink before heading to Zuri, so we each had a cocktail at Manhattan Club. It felt great to be out, wandering amid the masses of drunken Christmas parties as we headed through the mall to Zuri for dinner.

The service was friendly and we soon had a glass of wine each and were deciding which five dishes to order. We settled on Gyozas, salt n pepper squid, crispy chicken, pork skewers and Wagyu Beef, while we sipped on Miso and Edamame beans.

It wasn’t long until we were chatting happily – not about the kids or the day to day running of the house or the crisis point that almost had our marriage at breaking point – but about ourselves, the food, our hopes and dreams and the life we wanted to live.

The food came out quickly and the small, sharable portions that at first glance didn’t appear large enough to satisfy soon left us feeling quite full. With the Groupon handed over at the beginning we were free to go and walk back into the night, where we had another cocktail at an old favourite haunt The Bowery before finding ourselves back at Manhattan Club once again.

There was a band playing 90s rock on the stage with the Club filled with just a smattering of people. We made ourselves comfortable on a leather couch at the back with a great view of the stage. More cocktails were ordered and we resorted to selfies and singing songs from our youth. It felt like release and connection all at the same time.

selfy mayhem

The Club closed at midnight and we wandered back to the train station, stumbling home and into bed by 1pm. It was a fantastic night and in the morning I woke feeling lighter and a little bit more alive.

I can’t be sure if that Groupon saved my marriage, but it sure did set the wheels in motion with a great night out. We had been putting going out on the backburner, mainly due to lack of money but to get a dinner out for two with wine for $49 (or less) makes it much more achievable for us. So I’m now constantly scouring for new deals for our next date night and forever grateful for that night that showed us we could have fun again.

Check out the latest deals here.

Do you use coupon sites? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

(Disclosure: I received $49 credit with Groupon to purchase an experience of my choice. Views and opinions expressed are entirely my own).

One thought on “Could a Groupon save a marriage?

  1. I usually browse scoopon to see what deals are on. I love to browse Mainly for the same reason, a night away every now and then to spend time relaxing together. The mystery hotel / resort deals can be good.


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