Thirteen days of yoga

Well it’s probably time to give a bit of an update on how my Yoga a Day challenge is going. Well, firstly I’m proud to announce that I have indeed been successful in doing Yoga in some form every day, despite visitors and toy related clutter (see above!) and secondly I am really, really loving it!

I should point out for those following at home that I’m definitely no Yoga guru and I’m starting from a fairly beginners level. I’m not that flexible and I struggle with keeping my thinking from straying onto various topics, but that’s the very reason why I’m taking on this challenge. Yoga can be seen as a formidable pursuit – all headstands and twisting yourself into knots. But its all a process. Of letting your body settle into the space where it feels comfortable and gently pushing that little bit further as you go along. I like the idea of quietly challenging myself and this body of mine and I’m open to where this year will take me.

The past week I’ve been concentrating on meditation and some gentle, short vinyasa flow sequences. It’s been a week of change and challenges as I returned from maternity leave to my part-time journalist job as well as keeping up my freelancing commitments, while my little Hugo Bear started daycare. Weeks like these can easily send me into a spin, the tugging of guilt pulling me back from being genuinely excited about returning the 9-5 workforce. But thanks to the meditation and yoga I felt quietly in control. I acknowledged my fears and emotions and sat with them before letting them go.

It’s here where I’m starting to feel the real benefit of the regular practice. The daily checking in with myself and where I’m at and then gently releasing any negativity and replacing it clearness and calmness.

A major aim at the moment is to focus on being gentle and kind to myself instead of always being caught up in being self-critical. It’s early days, but I’m feeling the a positive breeze of change blowing through the house. Mr P has been taking part in the night time meditations with me and it’s been lovely to share this time together and he’s reported feeling more calm and centred since he started too.

Next week, my aim to amp up my physical practice a bit and step away from the YogaGlo (which I’m really loving for it’s convenience and its awesome range of classes!) to restart my face-to-face yoga classes.

Follow my journey at #SMSyogaaday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And feel free to join in!! I’d love a few companions on my Yoga a Day journey! xx

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