Hi I'm Belinda and I'm crap at craft

Take a peek at any number of blogs, facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and it seems everyone is just whipping up gorgeous little Christmas trinkets with their little ones. Me? I’m just struggling to instruct how to put together some ready cut out Antler ears from a Kmart craft pack! Why oh why are there no instructions? Am I really the only one around on planet motherhood who is crap at craft?

Head over to A Little Bird where I’m lamenting my craft challenged ways. Luckily for mums like me, there are plenty of free Christmas craft workshops on around town at the moment. So check out the post and get some ideas of where to go for the best kids craft activities in Brisbane.

Are you crap at craft? Please tell me I’m not alone!

One thought on “Hi I'm Belinda and I'm crap at craft

  1. You are most definitely not alone! Mr 5 has been requesting doing craft nearly every day lately and um yes we haven’t actually made anything much. Although I did find a Christmas push-out craft book yesterday and we made a Christmas tree and snowman last night simply by pushing the pieces out and glueing together. I definitely need the easy option of things like this!


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